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Hodges Westside Truck Center has provided quality sales, parts and service for over two decades. That tradition will continue with the introduction of a new used parts program, allowing customers to buy valuable used parts that have been stripped off used or broken-down trucks. The used parts are listed online at
Westside Truck Center launched the used parts program roughly one year ago. The process begins when used or broken-down trucks are transported to the company’s newly-leased warehouse facility off Illinois Route 20. At the warehouse, which will feature a detailing station and two work stations, trucks are taken apart and sorted for valuable parts, which are then cleaned, tagged and shelved. Any leftover metals are binned and sent to a local scrapyard.
“We’re setting up shop so we can strip these used trucks in order to take off quality used parts and store them accordingly,” said Paul Cassata, who came aboard in September 2019 to help start the used parts program. “We’ve done plumbing, electrical work and we’ve built an office with a conference table. We’re working on heating and air conditioning for the summer… Our main goal for now is to get the shop prepared so we can get the business up and running.”
Once the used parts have been stripped and organized, they’re uploaded online to the Westside Truck Center website, where customers can see pictures of the parts as well as their makes, models, SKUs and prices. While some used parts are resold, others are taken to the Westside Truck Center operations in Marengo and Bartlett, where mechanics use them to supplement existing fleet trucks or repair customer trucks to keep them on the road.
“We lean heavily on the veteran mechanics, and we also lean on Mitch [Bittenbender] and Dave [Neurock] to determine what we should be stripping,” Cassata said. “We don’t want to tear off parts that will be sitting on the shelves… We do a lot of Internet research to figure out who’s selling what parts and what the hot commodities are, which currently are engine cores, fuel-injection systems, transmission cores, tires, rims, doors, mirrors and turbo chargers.”
The warehouse facility currently operates with a three-person staff including Cassata, his son Nick and Mike Carlson, who has taken the lead on labor work and setting up stations inside the warehouse. Carlson, whose father owned Northwest Truck Repair in Bensenville, has almost five decades of mechanical experience and has been working with parts since he was young.
“We’re setting up work stations right now,” Carlson said. “We’re bringing a detailer out here so we don’t have to do our detailing work at the Marengo shop. We’re going to have two areas to take trucks apart. There’s a lot of money to be made in used truck parts… We’re marketing to the individual truck driver who’s running his own business and repairing his own trucks.”
The warehouse currently allows for work on one truck per week, but that number will continue to grow as preparations inside the warehouse are finalized. Moreover, Cassata said he hopes to further streamline the business through the creation of an inventory report that both the Marengo and Bartlett operations can access. Ultimately, the used parts program will not only expand Westside Truck Center’s parts operation, but the sales and service sectors as well.
“I see how much new parts cost, and that cost goes nowhere but up,” Marengo parts manager Ben Fish said. “Seeing trucks that have so many usable parts on them, it’s only going to better the business, especially when the parts cost very little to remove. We can sell those parts back to our customers or use them internally to finish a job and make our customers happy. If there are guys who are trucking by themselves, they want to save as much money as they can.”
For more information about the used parts program, call for availability at 224-747-2007.

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