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  • Electric-Powered Reefer Units Gaining Momentum May 24, 2019
    As truck manufacturers and suppliers begin to move toward electric-powered vehicles and components, the same trend is emerging for trailer refrigeration.
    Gary Frantz
  • Hackers’ Latest Trick May 24, 2019
    In a marked shift from previous years, hackers are much more likely these days to be bent on stealing your computer processing power rather than embedding ransomware or other malware in your network, according to a new report from IBM.
    Joe Dysart
  • Ryder Expands in Boston Area May 24, 2019
    Ryder System Inc. opened a full-service maintenance facility in Norton, Mass., reflecting the strong growth the company is experiencing in the greater Boston area.
  • Android’s Rise in Trucking May 24, 2019
    The mobile device revolution has dramatically altered telematics and mobile communications in the trucking industry as technology suppliers have introduced an ever-expanding array of business applications for smartphones and tablets.
    Stephen Bennett
  • Raising the Bar for Reefer Monitoring May 24, 2019
    The real-time data and telematics revolution in trucking is helping to drive a new era of innovation and improved performance in the refrigerated trucking market.
    Gary Frantz
  • Wabco to Be Standard Supplier at Stoughton May 24, 2019
    Wabco Holdings Inc. has been selected by Stoughton Trailers to be the standard supplier for automatic slack adjusters.
  • A.I. Will Boost Productivity, But Needs Human Guidance May 24, 2019
    Artificial intelligence is going to boost human produc­tivity in a thousand ways, transforming everything from transportation to health care to agriculture. But it won't be accomplished without the human factor.
    Mark A. Buchanan
  • China Ramps Up War of Rhetoric in Trade Standoff With US May 24, 2019
    BEIJING — Stepping up Beijing’s propaganda offensive in the tariffs standoff with Washington, Chinese state media on May 24 accused the U.S. of seeking to “colonize global business” with moves against Huawei and other Chinese technology companies.
    Christopher Bodeen
  • CEOs Raise Concerns About Availability of Diesel and Other Fuels in 2020 Because of IMO Bunker Fuel Mandate May 24, 2019
    A group of industry stakeholders is urging the Trump administration to take action to ensure adequate supplies of fuel for freight and air travel and home heating in advance of a change in the type of fuel the maritime industry will use beginning next year.
    Dan Ronan
  • SAP, Uber Join Forces to Integrate Freight Networks May 24, 2019
    Enterprise software firm SAP and load-matching app developer Uber Freight have partnered to connect their shipper and carrier networks in an effort to improve supply chain efficiency.
    Seth Clevenger
  • Musk’s Bullish E-mail Puts Battered Tesla on Roller-Coaster Ride May 24, 2019
    Even for oft-volatile Tesla Inc., the morning of May 23 will go down as one of the more memorable roller-coaster rides.
    Esha Day and Gabrielle Coppola
  • Maersk Shares Tank After CEO Talks to Analysts About Trade War May 24, 2019
    Shares in the world’s biggest shipping company slumped May 24 after its CEO started discussing the fallout of global trade tensions on his industry.
    Christian Wienberg
  • Texas, Other States Look to Boost Fees on EVs to Fund Highway Maintenance May 24, 2019
    Texas is considering whether to impose additional registration fees on electric and hybrid vehicles, following nearly half the states that assess higher fees on battery-powered vehicles to compensate for lost gasoline taxes used to maintain roads and highways.
    L.M. Sixel
  • The Trailer’s Turn in the Tech Spotlight May 24, 2019
    It’s long been the case in our industry that trailers play second fiddle to the increasingly high-tech tractors that pull them. But times are changing.
    Seth Clevenger
  • Sen. Ed Markey Proposes ‘Green Infrastructure’ Package May 24, 2019
    A senator key to infrastructure and trucking policy negotiations on Capitol Hill has proposed modernizing the country’s transportation grid via green-centric initiatives.
    Eugene Mulero
  • Shaping the Future of Asset Management May 24, 2019
    Technology adoption in the trucking industry typically focuses first on the back office and in the cab of the truck, but the proliferation of internet-connected devices and onboard sensors in recent years has increasingly pulled the trailer into the forefront of the conversation.
    Katie Pyzyk
  • Competition Heats Up in Trailer-Tracking Market May 24, 2019
    As the capabilities of onboard sensors and trailer-tracking systems have expanded, so has the level of competition in this segment of the trucking technology market.
    Seth Clevenger
  • US Orders for Long-Lasting Goods Fall 2.1% in April May 24, 2019
    WASHINGTON — Orders to U.S. factories for large manufactured goods fell sharply in April, pulled down by lower demand for commercial aircraft and cars.
    Christopher Rugaber
  • Pennsylvania Native Jason Herko Set for Return to Home State as Kentucky Grand Champion May 24, 2019
    Jason Herko was born in Pennsylvania and as a child lived in Jamaica. Now, he is heading back to his birth state as Grand Champion of the Kentucky Truck Driving Championships.
    Aaron Perryman
  • Colorado Driving Titans to Compete in Tank Truck May 24, 2019
    A battle of the titans is shaping up in the Tank Truck division at the Colorado Truck Driving Championships on June 1 in Henderson.
    Linda Tufano
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