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“Westside Truck Center is a great place to develop business relationships,” Neurock said. “Our service, hours and relationships with customers set us apart… We take care of our customers and the companies we partner with. We have many repeat customers because they understand that we’ll take care of them. We work hard to build our customer base up.”

Derik Van Hoose hired on with Westside Truck Center in 2015, spending roughly one year with the parts department before transitioning into a lead sales position in 2016. Van Hoose, whose father Greg has been a truck driver for over 30 years, established himself early on in his career through his website optimization skills and his success in used parts sales.

“It was a great opportunity for me to get into sales,” Van Hoose said. “I was only listing the trucks online when I started, but I learned a lot of new skills as I went along… Once I realized how much I enjoyed listing the trucks, I became really passionate about sales.”

Van Hoose, who also attended Addison Trail High School, said working with Westside Truck Center has improved his listening skills and his ability to connect with customers. Van Hoose also said his work ethic and focus in his personal life have grown since beginning his sales career roughly five years ago. His favorite hobbies include working on cars, and his passion for cars and trucks originated from learning about his father’s truck at an early age.

“My dad has helped me become the man I am today in my career,” Van Hoose said. “When I realized that selling trucks was something I could make into a full-time career, I worked really hard to create a good customer base and I made sure our customers knew that I could help them seven days a week. I want to keep learning about trucks so I can help our customers learn about them.”

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