Reefer Feature – Bob Pyzik

This post is written by Russell Hodges.

Hodges Westside Truck Center recently added another valuable team member to its workforce, bringing aboard reefer truck specialist Bob Pyzik. With roughly one decade of mechanical experience, including seven years working on reefer trucks, Pyzik will be responsible for performing routine maintenance and necessary repairs on new and existing trucks.
“I’ve known Mark [Hodges] for about four years,” Pyzik said. “Mark called me about three weeks ago and offered me a job working on reefer trucks… We get along really well and we communicate well with any issues we’re having with our reefers and our trucks.”
Prior to beginning his career in reefer mechanics, Pyzik spent 15 years as a spotter with Frozen Food Express, where he worked alongside a mechanic who helped teach him about repairing and maintaining reefer trucks. From the basics to the more complicated repairs, Pyzik said the constant change of pace is what he enjoys most about working on reefer trucks.
“We perform regular maintenance on our reefer trucks every six months,” Pyzik said. “We check the belts and other parts including the alternator and the starter. Our refrigerators have to be filled with Freon up to a certain weight that ranges anywhere from 11-to-15 pounds… We check for leaks and we make sure our refrigerators are cooling down like they’re supposed to… If there are problems with any of the reefer units, our drivers write up reports, and it’s our responsibility to fix the problems and track down whatever parts we need to fix them.”
While Pyzik will primarily operate out of Westside Truck Center’s Bartlett location, his mobile work van allows him to travel and perform repairs and maintenance on reefer trucks in Marengo or for outside customers. Pyzik grew up on the south side of Chicago, graduating from Curie Metropolitan High School in 1995. He has three children and currently lives in Oak Lawn.
“Working on reefer trucks gives me a lot of exercise,” Pyzik said. “I’m moving up and down constantly. There are several different things that go into working on reefer trucks, and the things we find inside the reefer units can be pretty surprising. We’re not stuck in the shop, and we see new people all of the time. We have more face-to-face interactions with customers.”

Russell HodgesReefer Feature – Bob Pyzik

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