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This post is written by Russell Hodges.

Every successful business has an excellent support staff, and the front office women at Hodges
Westside Truck Center are taking over 25 years of combined industry experience to provide
quality service in financing, management, customer relations and much more.
Nicole Porreca began working part-time with Westside Truck Center and Ed Hodges Trucking in
2003. She transitioned to a full-time position on the HWTC staff in 2007 and has been with the
business ever since. Porreca has handled multiple duties throughout her 17 years, working up
from filing and answering phones to handling licenses, titles and other important finances.
“I love how we’re one happy family here,” Porreca said. “It’s very relaxing here and everybody’s
very friendly with each other… I think we’re very dedicated to our customers and I believe we
try our hardest to make our customers happy. We always want to make sure our customers are
happy, and if we’re able to help our customers, we’ll do so to the best extent that we can.”
Kim Neurock has worked with Westside Truck Center for the last seven years. A former full-time
employee with the Marengo Park District, Neurock took up part-time hours with Westside
Truck Center on her off days before eventually taking a more active role in the HWTC front
office, handling accounting duties, managing payroll and learning new skills each day.
“Working here has been a great experience,” Neurock said. “I’ve known about the business for
a long time… As I’ve been here longer, I’ve learned a lot more about the business and I love
coming to work every day. We’re always busy and there’s always something for us to do… I feel
like everybody here truly cares about the customers who walk through our doors.”
Dawn Faber is the most recent addition to the Westside Truck Center staff. She began working
with Westside Truck Center just under two years ago, beginning at the Elburn dealership before
transitioning to the Marengo dealership, where she handles filing duties as well as cost sheets,
customer invoices, customer payments, rental truck documentation and scheduling.
“Everybody has made me feel comfortable here,” Faber said. “Nicole has been a great teacher
for me. I enjoy working alongside the other ladies and I enjoy the family atmosphere here.
Everybody’s here to help each other… It’s been a great experience for me. I’ve learned a lot
more about computers and utilizing different systems. Our staff is very honest and upfront with
customers and we’re very friendly and capable of helping out wherever we’re needed.”

Russell HodgesFront Office Staff

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